What types of building should be allocated numbers or names

The criteria to determine what types of buildings should be numbered and/or named is set out in the definition of an SNN addressable object.
An SNN addressable object is:

  • A fixed physical feature and/or units of subdivision thereof, that receives and/or provides services from Government.

The test of whether the SNN addressable object meets the criteria to require a number and/or name is:

  • Has a number or name been requested by developers, owners, or their agents?
  • Can it be individually identified as providing independent, sole, or main use?
  • Are there no approved time bound or type of use planning restrictions in force
  • Is there a need for mail/item delivery to the SNN addressable object?
  • Does it need a number or name to enable the local authority to deliver its statutory service responsibilities?

For more information about addressable objects see: Address Data Entry Conventions