Non-postal addresses

Non postal addresses are those that have failed the addressable object test above. These are rare, but SNN Officers can be put under pressure to provide them for a variety of reasons, including:

  • provision of services such as Broadband to Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) and properties which are not self-contained
  • utility connections to remote buildings on a large site such as a farm
  • Individual Electoral Registration within multiple occupation properties such as HMOs, student accommodation rooms and properties which are not self- contained
  • vehicular access to a car park or site to allow satellite navigation.

This should be avoided and applicants for such addressing should be directed to other forms of rectification or service provision. Where this is unavoidable the distribution of such addresses should clearly state that they are non-postal.

Where the SNN Officer is requested to arrange for a Large Mail User address, a unique postcode will be provided by Royal Mail. This should be specified in the distribution of the addressing notification.

It is acceptable for the Council’s Address Custodian / LLPG Officer to include such addresses depending upon the Council’s policy for LLPG maintenance, however it should be understood that SNN and LLPG maintenance are different services and serve different purposes, so do not need to be identical. The SNN Officer needs to confirm that a postal address is indeed required before issuing addressing notifications.