SNN policy structure example

The law and best practice for the renaming of streets and buildings (December 2020) page 14 Example 2


1 Purpose of Policy

2 Reasons for Street Naming and Property Numbering

3 The Street Naming Legislation

4 Scheme of Delegation

5 The Legislation

6 Consultation and Notification of postcodes and postal addresses

7 Naming of new streets

8 Choice of street names

9 Numbering sequence

10 Re-numbering existing properties / buildings or Re-naming a street

11 Allocation of house numbers to properties with house names

12 Changing an existing house name to properties with no house number

13 Add house name/ change an existing house name with a house

14 Charging

15 Claims for compensation

16 Decision and Discretion

17 Reference

18 The Council is not responsible for

19 Street name plates


Appendix A — Legislation

Appendix B — Frequently Asked Questions

Appendix C — Notice Templates

Appendix D — Examples of Numbering