Application forms

Comply with the SNN Code of Practice and should include the following required information:

  • Contact - Developer/owner/applicant contact name.
  • Address - Of the above.
  • Confirmation that the applicant has the right to apply for address / address amendment.
  • E-mail - Contact e-mail address.
  • Telephone - Contact number.
  • Type of application - New street/road name and numbering/infill development.
  • Type of development - Is it a new build or a conversion of an existing property.
  • Location of development - Descriptive name of location of development.
  • Location/Layout Plan - Plan should include reference to the location of an existing street.
  • Planning/Building Control reference number - The planning/building control number that approved the reference.
  • Suggested name - If the developer/applicant has a suggestion for the name(s) of the streets these should be included here.

Application forms should be available and accessible on authority’s website.

A guidance note should be included that explains the council’s SNN process, the length of time it’s likely to take and the contact details for the relevant person/department