Building Number Notice

Under the 1847 (or local act) notice can be served on the owner or occupier to mark the building number of the property in the street on the building if it is not visible, by issuing a building number notice.

Example building number notice

The law and best practice for the renaming of streets and buildings (December 2020) page 20

[name of council] Council


To (name) the occupier of the property and premises in the street known as (name) Street within the administrative area of [name of council] Council.

[name of council] Council gives you notice that you must [mark the (house or other building) in (name) Street of which you are the occupier, or to cause it to be marked, with the [new/existing] number (specify) [by having such number legibly painted in [a] figure[s] not less than (specify) mm in height [upon (or) over] the (front door) of the (house or other building)] (or) to renew the number (specify) with which your (house or other building) has been marked, but which has become (obscured, obliterated or defaced), by having it repainted in legible figures not less than (specify) mm in height].

If you fail within [X days] after the service of this notice upon you [to mark or have your (house or other building) marked as above required (or) to renew the number with which your (house or other building) has been marked as above required] you will be liable to a penalty not exceeding level1 [1 (£200) or 2 (£500)] on the standard scale, and the council will cause the number [to be marked upon your (house or other building) as above (or) to be renewed as above] and the expense will be repayable by you to the council and will be recoverable as damages.

Signed………………………………………… (signature of proper officer)


Note: Fines under the 1847 Act (First Scheme), 1907 Act and the 1925 Act are set at Level 1. The offences under the 1925 Act also have a maximum daily rate of £1. In London the offences attract a fine at Level 2. These are not fixed penalty notice provisions and so enforcement would be through the Magistrates’ Court.

1 Section 37, Criminal Justice Act 1982 and Section 85, Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 or Section 148(2)(viii) – offences under Sections 10 and 13.