Specification for Street name plates

Specification for street name plates should consider the Department of Transport recommendations:
Department for Transport Circular Roads 3/93 Appendix B

The local authority may include local additional requirements into their street name plate specification e.g., council logo, colour, font, and alternative materials.

  • Use rivetless technology
  • Be constructed from 3mm aluminium (stiffened as necessary)
  • Have Traffic Grey rear
  • Have Traffic Grey sign channel
  • Use Transport Heavy black font on white, 100mm capital height
  • Use 12.5mm black border
  • When required have the ‘T’ logo on the right, 175mm height
  • Use self-adhesive vinyl with a minimum 7 year guaranteed lifespan
  • Use a protected overlay file

Name plates should not:

  • Use die-pressed construction
  • Use hollow rivets
  • Use any font other than Transport Heavy black, 100mm capital height
  • Have the sign face punctured or drilled for pop rivets
  • Have the sign channel fitted using self-adhesive tape

 All Posts should:

  • Use 60mm diameter hot dipped galvanized tubular steel, BS729
  • Use bituminous paint to the lower section
  • Use plastic post caps
  • Use stainless steel brackets, channel clips or banding
  • Be erected with the sign in accordance with the following diagram:

Specification diagram for street name plate construction