Aims of this Code

A whole community of officers work across England and Wales to provide statutory street naming and numbering (SNN) functions for their authority areas. The aims of this Code are to equip SNN officers with the tools and information needed to provide this service.

There are several key topics SNN officers need to be aware of to be able to do the role. These include:

  • Governance and Legislation
  • Charging
  • Consultation
  • How to street name and name/number properties
  • Working with external bodies such as Royal Mail
  • Notifications

This Code provides an overview of these topics, and others.

It aims to:

  • Provide the tools and resources for SNN officers to deliver good SNN in England and Wales
  • Provide guidance on the current SNN legislation and governance of the processes
  • Provide practical guidance for naming streets and the allocation of property numbers and names
  • Explain the role of the SNN Officer and links to the Authority Address and Street Custodian functions and the Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG)
  • Provide the basis for a consistent national address dataset
  • Introduce a series of improved workflows centred on the creation and exchange of a variety of SNN information sources
  • Provide SNN officers with details of how specific types of real-world street and property objects must be allocated street names and property numbers or names